Zero Waste Refillable Silk Floss & Bamboo Toothbrush Bundle

Get the Bamboo Toothbrush & Dental Lace Combo Pack!

Why bamboo is better: Bamboo is the perfect material for the toothbrush as it is a sustainable, renewable resource, beautiful to look at, warm to touch, and is fully biodegradable. The natural antibacterial and antifungal properties of bamboo mean the toothbrush is hygienic too. Bamboo is naturally resistant to pests.

Dental Lace is a refillable dental floss and is a 100% zero waste product. A glass container with a stainless-steel cap holds floss that is 100% silk. The refill bags are certified compostable, and the boxes are 100% post-consumer paperboard. The container can be re-used, the bags composted, the boxes recycled, and the floss is biodegradable!

Easily refill the floss for only $4 per month!

Dental Lace Specifications:

  • Plastic Free Reusable, and Refillable Glass Container = ½” diameter x 2”
  • Stainless Steel lid with floss cutter = ½” diameter x ½”
  • Storage Bags made from the lactic acid found in plants, certified compostable. = 2”x2”
  • 100% Silk Floss = 33 Yards per spool.
  • Plant-Based wax is a vegan wax with no harmful chemicals!
  • Flavored with mint Essential Oil. Leaves your mouth feeling refreshed, without feeling overpowered.
  • Water resistant certified compostable BPOP label  2 ¼” x 1 ½ ."
  • Zero Waste Packaging that is 100% recyclable. Boxes are made of 100% post-consumer fiber that is certified FSC and PCF-free. Manufactured using renewable biogas energy. Printed with soy-based inks.

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