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Is the new Vegan floss compostable?
I wouldn't compost it. Dental Lace Refillable Vegan floss is made of bamboo charcoal and PET.  We're researching a vegan option that is 100% compostable.  

Out of Stock again?
I apologize for being out of stock again.  Dental Lace is growing at such a fast pace that it is difficult to keep the inventory in stock.  Every time we order more inventory it sells quicker than we predicted.  We are trying to solve this issue by buying larger quantities.  Please hang in there while we manage the growth stage of our company.  Like the old saying goes,  "Good things are worth waiting for!"

Why the change to Candelilla Wax?
Candelilla wax is vegan.  It is squeezed from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub. The new wax is not petroleum based and there is, as always, no plastic.  As we get closer to a solution concerning the composting of Dental Lace floss, I wanted to make sure we had a safer compostable wax.

Is the Berry Blue blueberry flavored? 
No sorry. We know how much you love Maine’s wild blueberries but our Berry Blue is just the color of the label.

Does the floss shred or break?
Unlike some other silk floss that contains a strand or two of plastic to make it stronger, Dental Lace is 100% silk fibers. Our tests did not prove that it breaks or shreds. We have had a couple of customers with very tight teeth say it did break while they flossed.

Is the floss compostable? 
We’re working on that. Our local commercial composting company is accepting our floss in their compost bins. We have contacted chemists to help us certify it as compostable floss.

How did you come up with this idea? 
For years, I’ve carried around dental floss to make sure I could get my teeth clean while away at work. Not only were the containers ugly, but I realized that they were rarely recyclable. While it seems like a small thing, it all adds up! So I decided to create my own fashionable, refillable floss containers.

Do you have international shipping? 
Yes! We have shipped to Canada, Australia and Europe so far.

What is microcrystaline wax?
Microcrystaline is a food-based wax. It's added to frostings and shines produce in grocery stores. It is a petroleum bi-product though. Soon we will be changing our wax to a vegan Candelilla wax. This wax is plant based.