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Dental Lace Is Simply the Best



Dental Lace Refillable Floss is officially “better than all the rest” (RIP Tina Turner) because we are now FDA Registered, and certified as having a USDA Biobased Preferred Product. This means that when you use Dental Lace silk floss, you are using the only floss product on the market to be certified as being made of 100% biobased content. To help us achieve this status we had our silk floss tested by multiple quality control people, including the supplier of our floss, a third party testing company, and by our team at Dental Lace Inc. Look for this seal of approval on our website, and packaging in the near future. 


Will you Help Keep the Earth Clean This July?

The staff at Dental Lace Inc will be joining the Plastic Free July movement again this year, although for us, it’s really more like plastic free January, February, March…well, you get the picture. Plastic Free July began in 2011 as a small environmental campaign in Australia, and it has since grown into a global movement with millions of people working to find solutions to plastic pollution. We hope that you will join us by taking part in Plastic Free July, and reducing the amount of plastic in your lives. For more information about Plastic Free July, click here!




Summer's Here at Last!

It’s Summertime again, and that means it’s time for a vacation. Whether you’re taking a trip to the beach, or camping in the woods, it’s important to be thoughtful of what you take with you, and how it could impact the environment. Dental Lace offers a Travel Bundle that will keep your smile fresh and clean, while reducing the amount of plastic that could potentially be left behind.


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