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About us

Dental Lace, Inc. is located in the great state of Maine. Maine has a long history of environmental protection efforts. The United States Clean Air and Water Act  originated here by Senator Edmund Muskie. Later Senator George Mitchell lead the passing of the U.S. Clean Air and Water Act.  Another environmental steward, Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, lived at Southport Island, Maine.

Being from Maine, caring for the environment is what we do.  

The idea for Dental Lace began because I didn't have dental floss when I needed it. I was a school librarian, so having food caught in my teeth while trying to teach research skills to students was awful.  Ugly dental floss containers wasn't something I'd carry in my bag. So it started out that I wanted to create a fashionable dental floss container. As I was working on a fashionable design, it soon became clear that the current dental floss market created a huge amount of waste.

I then set out to create a fashionable eco-friendly dental floss container. It took a while but eventually I found the refillable container that we use today. As much as possible we use Maine businesses to bring Dental Lace to market.

I love the state of Maine. I'm proud to bring a product to the market that can help us all protect our natural resources.  

Hopefully you will love it too.