Dental Lace Won't Wait

Dental Lace Won't Wait

by: Lewis Fitts 

Maine’s Climate Action Plan “Maine Won’t Wait,” a four-year guide to help the state address the causality of climate change, was released on Tuesday, December 1st, 2020. This important document was drafted by the administration of our Governor, Janet Mills, and it highlights the state’s plans to study the impacts of climate change, as well as laying groundwork to help reduce carbon emissions, and to achieve carbon neutrality in Maine by 2045.  

The Friends of Casco Bay is an organization focused on preserving the beautiful Maine coast. Casco Bay in particular is an important economic resource for the state, as the home to our lobster and clamming industries, and by playing host to tourists who visit our state each year to experience the wonders the Maine coast has to offer. Through the “Maine Won’t Wait” plan, FOCB will work to expand their array of Continuous Monitoring Stations in Casco Bay, collecting data on the quality of our waters, to help them better understand the effects of climate change, and to protect Casco Bay.

Dental Lace won’t wait either! For two years we have been a proud supporter of the Friends of Casco Bay.  One of our dental floss container designs was inspired by the waves of the bay, and in the past we have used this design to help bring awareness to their efforts. We love this wonderful state of ours, and we continue to do our part to help keep our waters clean. 

We will contribute $1 of every purchase of the Waves design container to The Friends of Casco Bay. We will make the donation on December 30th. Please help support them by purchasing a Waves design container and help us spread the word. 

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