February Newsletter

February Newsletter

We now have 10 stylish designs of floss containers that include 3 different types of floss. We offer our original silk floss, vegan charcoal bamboo and vegan plant based floss. So many colors, designs and types of floss to choose from. 

An Important Recycling Bill for Maine 

Maine’s bill, An Act to Support and Increase the Recycling of Packaging, would create a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) comprised of companies with more than $1 million in annual revenue or that sold material weighing more than one ton in Maine. The organization would charge the companies based on the weight of packaging they sell in the state, and those fees would go to cities and towns to help pay for recycling. If a package is easily recyclable, a producer pays a lower fee. If it isn’t, the producer pays a higher fee.   

To Fix America's Broken Recycling System, States Want Companies to Foot the Bill, Semuels


Customer Appreciation:
Thank you Jessy for recommending Pure Labels.  We hope to switch to compostable sugar cane labels this Spring. We love building the best zero waste floss with you, our customers.  If you have suggestions for us, please send them along to contact@dentallace.com.


Together we can eliminate harmful plastic dental floss.

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