January Newsletter: Let's Ditch Plastic all Together

January Newsletter: Let's Ditch Plastic all Together

Let's Ditch Plastic all Together
In the article Plastic Wars: Industry Spent Millions Selling Recycling -- To sell more Plastic, Laura Sullivan writes about how little our plastic is being recycled.
"For decades, Americans have been sorting their trash believing that most plastic could be recycled. But the truth is, the vast majority of all plastic produced can't be or won't be recycled. In 40 years, less than 10% of plastic has ever been recycled." 
Most of us will recycle our plastic trash, but the reality is that not enough plastic is being recycled. We have to be mindful of our plastic waste by choosing products that either last, or can be composted. If we don't start to make these changes we will have more landfills than land. 
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According to yahoo finance I am one of 8 Sustainability Women to know! Can you believe it?

Find the article here 
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