June Newsletter: Happy Summer!

June Newsletter: Happy Summer!

Happy Summer!

In the state of Maine, we welcome summer with open arms. There’s always so many fun ways to enjoy your summer vacations here, from hiking, to camping, to relaxing on the beach. They don’t call Maine Vacationland for nothing! 

Our Vacationland collection by George Webber includes 4 designs inspired by our lovely State.




-Jasper Beach


Be an Eco-Friendly

If you are one of the millions of people planning on traveling this summer, we suggest checking out our zero waste travel bundle. This set includes three essential items everyone should have with them when going on vacation: a container of our zero waste silk floss with an extra refill spool, a bamboo toothbrush, and a refillable tin of Unpaste toothpaste tablets. Whether you’re planning on going camping in the woods, or renting an Airbnb by the beach, remember to be an eco-friendly traveler, and leave as little waste behind as possible. 


Zero Waste Tips for Summer

Not only do we produce and use plastic free, refillable oral care products, we believe in trying to make every aspect of our life as zero waste as possible. Here are a few of our zero waste tips heading into summer 

- instead of single use plastic bottles, buy a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated 

- grow your own vegetables. If you can’t, try visiting farmers’ markets or local farms

- when doing laundry, hang dry your clothes after washing 


Dental Lace wishes you all
a happy and healthy Summer!

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