May Newsletter

May Newsletter

We want to hear from you. 

My Dear Fellow Eco-flossers,
I'm thinking about you.  How are you coping these days?  What has changed in your life since COVID-19? 
Please take a minute to write me and share.
Jodi Breau
Dental Lace Inc.

More places to get Dental Lace! We now have a page on Etsy.

Dental Lace on Etsy


We are honored to be awarded the SBA Exporter of the Year Award by the Small Business Administration Maine District Office. Find the article in newspapers such as The Bangor Daily News. 

Tips for Reducing waste at Home

We featured a guest blog by Donald Giddings.
Donald Giddings is founder and editor in chief at Green Living Zone. A lifelong sustainability enthusiast, Donald is always looking for the best way to live in harmony with nature.  When he is not trying out new eco-friendly recipes, he writes engaging content about green, sustainable ways to maintain your home, body, and soul, readily sharing his abundant experience with other green living aficionados.


We are thrilled to be mentioned in the book The Last Straw: Change your life and the planet for Good by Joyce Kristtiansson. We recommended the entire book, but Dental Lace is mentioned on pages 110-113. If you are interested in reading The Last Straw we will soon have the book on our website. 


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