My Favorite Sustainable Things Series

My Favorite Sustainable Things Series

My Sustainable Favorites

Ever since childhood, I’ve considered myself to be environmentally conscious. I attended a conservation camp, I loved community clean up day at school, and I always made sure to return my bottles and cans to the redemption center. When I became an adult, I grew even more aware of plastic pollution around me.  

Years ago, I came to the realization that the brands of dental floss that I had been using were all made of plastic. Eventually, I became fixated on this plastic floss. That’s why eight years ago I set out on a journey to change dental floss.  

Using my lipstick as a model, I sought to create a refillable container that used plastic free dental floss. After many trials and errors, Dental Lace Refillable Floss was the outcome, and now it’s my favorite floss. 

I’m not the only one out there trying to reduce the amount of plastic waste we humans produce. With this series of blog posts, I would like to share with you a few of my favorite shops, products, and lifestyle changes  that I have encountered on my journey to zero waste. 

Here I am at my favorite refill store, GoGo Refill!

Here I am at my favorite refill store!

Sustainable Store

I would like to begin with my favorite local refill store, GoGo Refill, located in South Portland, Maine. The owner, Laura Marston, has curated a wonderful inventory of sustainable, mostly refillable products. I first met Laura just as Dental Lace was getting off the ground. Like me, she was looking to start her own business centered around eco-friendly, refillable products. A year later, I stepped into her new store and fell in love with what she had created. She’s very selective about the products she chooses to sell, from eco-friendly shampoos, to non-toxic household cleaners. The store has a great vibe, and the staff is friendly and helpful.  

Michael refilling my shampoo

I love Oneka Sage and Lavendar shampoo. Bar Shampoos don’t work for me.  For some reason they cause my scalp to itch and burn.   Made from natural ingredients, Oneka shampoo cleans great without stripping the healthy oils from my hair.

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