Plastic Free ME.

Plastic Free ME.

So today I begin my Plastic Free ME. aka Plastic Free Maine.  Each week I'm going to spend one hour removing plastic and I'll let you all know how it goes.

 I've been studying plastic waste for years now.  Living on the coast of Maine, I'm particularly bothered by plastic trash in the ocean. Whenever I visit a beach I collect any plastic trash I see and if possible, dispose it in recycling bins.

There's a small beach at the end of my neighborhood.  My neighbors and I collect any trash we see, mostly plastic, and put it in a bin I provide.  I pay a trash collection company to take the trash each week. It's not a huge deal but I am trying to make a difference.

My product Dental Lace refillable floss is designed to be a Zero Waste product. I work everyday to find ways to improve the product while reducing the carbon footprint.  

Lately I've been following my heros, Lauren Singer, Trash is for Tossers, Chantal Plamondon, Life Without Plastic and Beth Terry, My Plastic Free Life.  They have inspired me to be more aware of the plastic in my life and to begin to reduce the amount of plastic in our home.

It is going to take some time for me to be as diligent as my heroes but I know I'll feel good every time I eliminate a plastic item from my home.  May be my efforts will inspire you to do the same.   If you would like to learn more check out my heroes online.  


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