Vegan Floss To Get You Freshly Started Every Morning, Including Zero Waste Options

Vegan Floss To Get You Freshly Started Every Morning, Including Zero Waste Options

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Vegan Floss To Get You Freshly Started Every Morning, Including Zero Waste Options

by: Alex Espiritu

Flossing is an integral part of dental hygiene. Unfortunately, it’s also something that too many of us overlook—lazy flossers, we’re looking at you! While many of the options in the market today are technically vegan, as in, they don’t contain animal products or by-products, that’s not the only thing we’re considering when talking about vegan floss.

Dental Lace is the original zero waste floss on the market. Their original plastic-free floss is crafted from silk, but they’ve now created vegan-friendly options that are just as amazing.

Most of their dental floss products are 99% zero waste with the 1% being the waterproof label outside of the glass bottles.

Our Floss Pick

Unlike many of the other floss brands we’ve seen, this brand makes zero waste and vegan dental floss! However, not all of the vegan-friendly floss in their collection is zero waste. In particular, the bamboo charcoal floss is made of polyester.

The star of the show is their zero waste dental floss which comes in an assortment of adorable designs. We particularly like it in the Sea Glass motif, inspired by Maine’s seashore. It’s important to note that the design itself does not actually affect the product function.

This floss will make a huge difference in reducing the amount of waste product that comes from your bathroom. Namely, this product diverts everything from landfills.

It’s also great for those with tight teeth! This plant-based, vegan, and eco friendly option is even stronger than their regular silk ones.

Additionally, while the mint flavor in their products is one of the brand’s focuses, their zero waste vegan ones do not have any natural or artificial flavor.

If you want a flavored option, going for the bamboo charcoal dental floss might be a better option as it has peppermint flavoring.

The floss comes packaged in a glass container topped with a stainless steel cap. If you run out of your initial purchase, you can buy 100% zero waste with their refills.

Materials and Ingredients

The floss fibers are made from PLA or polylactic acid. PLA is a type of polymer that can be generated from renewable resources, in this case, corn starch. It is 100% compostable and made in a carbon-neutral process.

The floss is coated in a naturally soothing plant-based vegan wax without any harmful ingredients. However, they don’t specify what kind of vegan wax exactly. It also does not have any flavoring and is SLS, PFAS, and paraben-free.

While all the materials and ingredients here may come from natural sources [1], this is not an all-natural floss because of the PLA. Though PLA is derived naturally, it still shouldn’t be considered a natural floss because of external synthetic processes [2].

Nevertheless, it is still great that their refill storage bags are certified compostable PLA

Brand Values

All Dental Lace products are made with sustainability and effectiveness in mind. The founders were determined to create a non-plastic alternative to our regular dental floss, and the company was born.

We see their dedication to being a sustainable brand not only in their products but in their packaging as well.

We’ve mentioned that they package their floss in glass. The other aspects of their packaging involve post-consumer recycled cardboard boxes that are certified FSC and PCF-free. It is processed using renewable biogas energy.

Plus, they print using soy-based inks. All of these are certified compostable.

They also support organizations that are committed to seeing the end of plastic pollution by way of science, education, and adventure.

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