Zero Waste Refillable Silk Floss Bundle - 4 Container Pack

4-Pack for the Whole Family!

Stop searching for your dental lace. Buy one style for each person in the house: Granite, Berry Blue, Sea Rose, and Pine Tree Green. Save $8 by purchasing this 4-pack.

Easily refill our eco-friendly silk floss for only $3 per month!

  • Plastic Free Reusable, and Refillable Glass Container = ½” diameter x 2”
  • Stainless Steel lid with floss cutter = ½” diameter x ½”
  • PLA bags made from the lactic acid found in plants, certified compostable = 2”x2”
  • 100% Silk Floss = 33 Yards per spool.
  • Plant-Based wax is a vegan wax with no harmful chemicals!
  • Flavored with mint Essential Oil. Leaves your mouth feeling refreshed, without feeling overpowered.
  • Water resistant certified compostable BPOP label  2 ¼” x 1 ½ ."
  • Zero Waste Packaging that is 100% compostable. Boxes are 100% post-consumer fiber that is certified FSC and PCF-free. Manufactured using renewable biogas energy. Printed with soy-based inks.

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United States

Excellent product

This is a great product! It's just like most floss, it does the job it's supposed to do and you don't think much about it. I really appreciate that it's not just the floss that decomposes, the packaging does too. The refillable containers are cute. They are also sturdy, I've dropped mine more than once and it hasn't been broken or chipped. The news caps they include make it even better, especially if you carry one in your bag because it keeps the floss clean. I rarely write reviews which shows how much I like this product.

Linda M.
United States United States

Not consistent

The first time I ordered dental lace, I ordered a case and refills. The first lace I used was disappointing. I couldn't floss all my teeth with one piece as it kept breaking. I had this problem with the whole spool. The second spool worked great and so I ordered more. With this order, one of the spools ravels but does not break all the way. The second one I have seems to work better. Not sure I will be going this route again for my floss needs

United States United States

I love this product!

I am very particular about my products. I have used the same dental floss for many years. I’ve tried others but always end up back to my original. I’m looking for ways to reduce plastic around my home so when I saw this product, I gave it a try. I LOVE it. It’s better. It’s thicker and, therefore, more effective. I also love the idea of having the bamboo toothbrush in the house for travel or guests which also cuts down on plastic. We have already ordered a second kit.

Miriam C.
United States United States

Giving it to others now

I purchased this item originally just for me, had a bit of trouble with shredding (I have VERY tight teeth) but when I contacted Dental Lace they recommended the charcoal floss instead and I absolutely love it and it does not shred, Liked the whole experience so much that I have since ordered the original for my granddaughter and my other grandchildren will all get it when they are out of braces. Wonderful product; Wonderful concept.

Vanessa B.
United States United States

I recommend!

I would highly recommend this floss, both for its use and for its sustainability. At first I tried the Dental Lace vegan floss, and in general I would prefer a vegan option to a non-vegan option, but I found it prone to breaking at least once every flossing, which meant I had to use more - very frustrating! I know they said the vegan floss was stronger, but I disagree. I got a free silk floss sample with my original order, and if it weren't for that, I'd probably have given up for Dental Lace. The silk floss really works for me - rarely breaks, works well. I know for me I was looking for basic effective floss with as little waste as possible, and this fits the bill perfectly! I really appreciate the sustainability of this floss and it's packaging. I keep a little round glass vase on the bathroom vanity to use for compost (both for this floss and for the bathroom plants' leaves), and that's worked well to fill it up and take it outside to the bin when I run out of space. I can't speak to the speed of composting. I've considered that I should probably cut it up a bit before putting it in the compost bin, just to avoid having it wrap around the rototiller when it comes time to prep the garden. I'd appreciate it if the company offered a bulk option / discount (buy 10 refills for discount / less packaging) - I prefer to minimize my shipping use and stock up.