Quick answers

Q: Why use plastic refill bags?

A: Our packaging is 100% compostable. Our green boxes are 100% Recycled Paperboard that is compostable. Our refill storage bags are 100% certified compostable PLA. See elevatepackaging.com/composting-standards/ to learn more about them. We also ship our products in 100% recyclable envelopes or boxes. There is no plastic involved.

Q: Does the floss shred or break? (Warning: Long Answer)

A: Dental Lace is proud to offer plastic-free floss using primarily 100% silk. Silk is one of the strongest fibers in the world but can shred or break when dragged over sharp or uneven surfaces. Some customers with tight teeth or sharp spots have told us that our Dental Lace silk floss sometimes breaks and shreds when they are flossing. If you are someone with very tight teeth or uneven edges on your tooth surfaces, you might want to purchase one of our Dental Lace Vegan floss options, which are stronger. If you are using our silk floss now, or want to give it a try, we offer the following suggestions to reduce the chance of breakage and shredding:

1. Pull the floss straight up and out without dragging it along the sharp edges of the hole in the cap, then cut it using the cap-cutter.
2. After you have cut the floss, test the strength by pulling the floss in opposite directions. If it breaks, recycle that piece and use the remaining section to floss.
3. Floss the tight or uneven area of your mouth using an up and down motion. And it helps to slow down, just a bit.
4. As recommended by dentists, be sure to use new parts of the floss as you move through your mouth. This will ensure that the section of the floss you are using is new for each area of your mouth and will also prevent germs from spreading from one section to another.

Q: Do you give free samples to dental hygienist students?

A: At this time we not to provide free samples to hygienists students, but we do offer a 10% discount to all students. Please use discount code: zerowastestudent at checkout.

Q: Is the floss compostable?

A:Our silk floss, and our plant-based vegan floss is compostable. We had it tested it at the Maine Compost Facility. It composts in 3-6 months at a commercial facility. In homestyle bins it takes 6-10 months.

Q: Will commercial compost facilities accept Dental Lace?

A: We suggest you contact your local commercial composter. Be sure to share the ingredients of the silk floss. The plant based vegan floss aka PLA is biodegradable, but our charcoal infused vegan floss is not compostable or biodegradable.

Q: What’s the difference between the bamboo charcoal infused vegan & plant-based vegan floss?

A: Our vegan floss is bamboo charcoal infused polyester. It has plant-based wax and no peppermint essential oil flavor. It does not compost. Our plant-based vegan floss is made of polylactic acid otherwise known as PLA -- a biobased plastic made from corn. It is biodegradable. It has plant-based wax and no peppermint essential oil flavor. There’s plenty of research out there reporting that PLA composts. Although we have not had it officially tested, we have tried it in our home bins and it composts in 6 months.

Q: Do you have any floss without mint flavoring?

A: Yes! Our vegan and plant-based vegan floss does not have any flavor.

Q: What’s the best way to refill the Dental Lace container?

A: Here’s a video with tips on ways to best use Dental Lace. Video

Q: If the item is out of stock, when will I be able to order it again?

A: Dental Lace, like any company will occasionally run out of stock due to multiple factors. Please check back often for updates when certain products will be back in stock, we will usually have a time frame. Like the old saying goes, Good things are worth waiting for!

Q: Is the Berry Blue blueberry flavored?

A: Our "style" names are inspired by the beauty around us in Maine. The label names do not reflect the flavor of the floss at all. All of our silk floss is naturally mint flavored.

Q: Where can I buy Dental Lace locally?

A: The best way to find your local store is to contact us at contact@dentallace.com. Be sure to tell us your location so we can match a location near you.

Q: Do you offer free shipping?

A: Yes! We ship free for all orders over $25!

Q: Do you have international shipping?

A: We no longer ship all over the world. The shipping rates and taxes cost more than our product. Let us connect you with one of our international distributors near you.

Q: How did you come up with this idea?

A: For years, I’ve carried around dental floss to make sure I could get my teeth clean while at work. Not only were the containers ugly, but I realized that they were rarely recyclable. While it seems like a small thing, it all adds up! So I decided to create my own fashionable, refillable floss containers.

If you have a question we have not answered, please reach out!