April News: Earth Day, New Products and Plastic Free

April News: Earth Day, New Products and Plastic Free

Earth Day, New Products and Plastic Free

     Thank you for all the love on Earth Day. We have some amazing customers that work hard to save our Earth. Thank you for all that you do!

    We’re adding another vegan floss, it’s made from corn (Polylacticacid) and is biodegradable.  We will be testing it for home compost bin use. This floss is a great option for vegans and zero waste shoppers.
   Have you heard we have added bamboo toothbrushes shop?
We are so happy to partner with Catherine and Catherine at Truthbrush. In our opinion, these are the best bamboo toothbrushes on the market!

If  we are striving to reduce plastic waste why the poly label?
     The non-slip label is waterproof, and the label will help prevent it from shattering if dropped .  A few of our customers have broken their container,  fortunately the label held the container together without creating a larger mess and potential cuts from the broken glass. Our goal is to provide you with the best zero waste option for your dental floss in a stylish container, we are lucky the added style provides an extra layer of security for your reusable container. 

     We are thrilled to be mentioned in the Harper’s Bazar article The Ultimate “Zero waste” Guide for Beginners  we are in the zero waste hygiene section.


We are in Kathryn Kellogg’s new book "101 Ways to Go Zero Waste" we are on page 66! 


Shows and Fairs we attended
-The Sustainability Festival at St. Josephs College: We really enjoyed educating festival goers about plastic waste.

- Dental Lace was thrilled to be a sponsor at The Plastic Challenge in Belfast Maine on April 7th. We are hoping to change plastic waste within our communities. Many wonderful families, teachers, and kids were part of the challenge.

-Portland Co-Op Demo for Earth Day, it was absolutely incredible meeting our customers and hearing their love of Dental Lace.

     Mamavation has given us her seal of approval. Leah Segedie of Mamavation helps families choose clean products through her blog, community and book. We are so proud to be on her list of amazing products! https://www.mamavation.com/

Good Morning America 
     We were so proud to be on Good Morning America's Green Living Discovery Box. The box was sold out in less than 24 hours! The Green Living Discovery Box had many wonderful products.


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