May News!

May News!

May News!

New Compostable Vegan Floss
     Our new and improved vegan plant based floss is finally here.  This vegan option is made of polylacticacid,  it is plastic free and compostable. Currently it is only available in refills, we will soon have complete sets. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for an announcement. 

Maine International Trade Day Show 

     We were chosen by the Maine International Trade Center to show our product at their annual trade show, the focus was Maine's future in bioeconomy. The bioeconomy uses renewable biological resources from land and sea – such as fish, forests, and micro-organisms – to produce energy, food, and value-added materials. The wide array of biobased products include edible water bottles made from seaweed, compostable plastic bags, and apparel made from milk, wood, or coffee grounds. Moving from a fossil fuel to a biobased economy can help to slow the negative impacts of climate change and create new economic activity in and around rural regions.
     We were thrilled to be part of such an amazing organization.

     Dental Lace is the first item mentioned in Real Simple's article 6 Cleaver Items to Simplify Your Life
     Real Simple has selected items such as a Lifeproof power battery pack and a collapsable wine table by uncommon goods to simplify life with smart finds like these.

      We were chosen by Wander, travel and Wellness Magazine to be featured in their Spring issue. In each issue, Wander highlights products they recommend. In this issue their focus is essential products with a conscience. We are really honored to have made this list.
   Subscribing to get their issues is free just head to their website. 


     A reminder about how far we have come. We started with the refill bag on the left, it is made of plastic. We quickly made some adjustments and switched to the refill "plastic" bag on the right, it is made of corn and completely home compostable. 

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