Choose your Toothbrush Wisely

Choose your Toothbrush Wisely

Choosing Your Toothbrush Wisely 

 We started to do some research. The first option we tried was a Preserve toothbrush. Yes, still plastic but made from recycled yogurt cups. This was better than the name brand toothbrushes we had been using. One of our followers also said that you can send the brush back to the factory and “close the recycling loop”. What fabulous news. One of the goals of Dental Lace is eliminating plastic dental floss waste. It is crazy to think every plastic piece of floss and every toothbrush you have used in your lifetime is not broken down, it still exists. When it comes to oral health we do not have to sacrifice the environment. Standard dentist issued toothbrushes are plastic and nylon, but there are so many more options.

 Another option is bamboo. We knew of a couple brands. We knew of WooBamboo simply because it was the only other sustainable toothbrush option at our local health food store. We asked followers on Instagram and Facebook as well as doing some of our own research and came up with a list of wonderful bamboo toothbrushes. Many of the brush handles can be composted. It is very important that you take out the bristles and dispose then compost the handle. It is suggested the easiest way to get the bristles out is a pair of pliers.

    We also stumbled upon a company called Truly Eco Friendly. They have a tooth brush called Truly Bamboo their bristles are not made from Nylon so the entire toothbrush is compostable. This sounds like a match made in heaven. Dental Lace and completely compostable toothbrush! Now we have not tried this brand yet but will be in the future. There is always a need for toothbrushes and floss. Here we have compiled a list of sustainable toothbrush brands. I am sure we are missing. Having so many options is a great problem to have. 


Preserve- still plastic but made from recycled yogurt cups



Brush with bamboo

Preserve Products

Mother’s Vault

wowE Lifestyle


The Green Root

Eco Dent only replace the heads

Go bamboo

Humble brush


f.e.t.e from earth to earth

Giving brush

Pearl Bar

My eco science

Truly eco friendly (truly bamboo) NON Nylon

Bamboo herb

Zero Brush

Hydro Phil

Truth Brush

Brush Better

Bam Boo



There are so many options that range in many price points. Switching to Dental lace and a sustainable toothbrush is a simple switch and can make a huge impact.

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