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Mystery Man, who named Dental Lace

Dental Lace

How did Dental Lace get its name?
      Have you ever wondered where the name Dental Lace came from? I will let you in on a secret I didn't come up with a name. 
Here is the story. 
     My husband Jim and I were flying home from San Diego on a red eye flight. For some reason I was seated between two businessmen. We started chatting about our jobs etc. When they asked" what do you do? I didn't tell them  I was a school librarian. I lied and said "I'm creating a better dental floss and I'm going to be on Oprah!"
     Later in the flight I was sleeping when suddenly I felt a hand on my arm, I wake up expecting Jim but it was one of the strangers. He says to me," Dental Lace", I said "what"
"Dental Lace" he repeats. I said "wow I'm stealing that". He says "you should it's a good name."
So I did.
     We need your help, I want to contact the mystery man and thank him for the suggestion of our name. If you know who the mystery man is please send us an email, private message, or direct message! We will be sharing this information on our social media sites as well, please help spread the word. 

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