Guest Blog: Methods of Strengthening Your Mind, Body, and Spirit While on a  Budget

Guest Blog: Methods of Strengthening Your Mind, Body, and Spirit While on a Budget

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Methods of Strengthening Your Mind, Body, and Spirit While on a Budget

by: Joyce Wilson

Compassion for others is an essential ingredient when cooking up a better world. Sometimes lost in the recipe is focusing on our own needs. Those lacking discretionary income are most likely to neglect themselves. Fortunately, there are scads of cheap, even free, self-care tactics. Here are some that'll have you feeling rejuvenated.

Dental Care

According to government health experts, nearly a quarter of American adults are living with untreated cavities. Gum disease is another massive problem. Besides being uncomfortable, rotting teeth and mouth discoloration remain unsightly. It's easier to feel confident when smiles are picture-perfect. If you aren't taking regular trips to the dentist, get a checkup immediately, and schedule a follow-up appointment before exiting the office. 

It's best to avoid problems altogether. Stave off expensive dental procedures by brushing regularly. As with most things in life, there's a right and wrong way to proceed. Clean pearly whites twice a day for 120-second intervals. Don't forget to scrub your tongue. Flossing is equally important. Play a role in protecting the environment by using eco-friendly floss from Dental Lace!

Good Nutrition

Poor dental hygiene can trigger significant health problems. Unhealthy diets are another leading concern. Overhaul your dining habits in favor of wiser plates. Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, manage weight, and control blood sugar by increasing the number of fruits, vegetables, and grains you consume. Incorporate power proteins, such as fish, poultry, and nuts. While eating healthy can cost nominally more, you'll save in the long run by taking not so many trips to the doctor and having fewer prescriptions.

Exercise is another essential component of staying fit, so get moving. There are plenty of free apps that facilitate equipment-free workout routines.

Financial Cutbacks

Money remains a source of stress for most, especially when there's high inflation. Eliminating the fear of fiscal calamity could strengthen your immune system and bring inner calm. Perhaps you have unnecessary expenditures lurking in your budget. For instance, if you're working from home and driving factors less into your lifestyle than before, it might make sense to stop paying for that satellite radio subscription.

You'll save a large chunk of cash by downsizing to a smaller residence with a less burdensome mortgage. Online real estate sites are fantastic tools. They make it a cinch to locate affordable, attractive properties that feature the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you require. 

Music Therapy

Sound has a way of connecting with the soul. There's a growing body of evidence suggesting music can heal. Investigate music therapy resources if you doubt the science. It isn't necessary to join an official class to enjoy the benefits. Simply listening to music stimulates pleasure centers in the brain.

Exploring new genres doesn't have to cost a dime. Numerous free streaming options allow for unrestrained experimentation. Try listening to artists outside your comfort zone. If you're a country fan, put on some heavy metal. Those with a blues fixation ought to try listening to jazz or electronica. You might be surprised at what you like. 

Improving one's well-being doesn't have to be a fiscal drain. There are tons of affordable and even money-saving actions one can take. Let these suggestions be a springboard for a better life.

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