October News 2022: After Halloween Oral Care and Tips for a sustainable Thanksgiving

October News 2022: After Halloween Oral Care and Tips for a sustainable Thanksgiving

After Halloween Oral Care

When it comes to Halloween treats, we prefer chocolate, and not just because it’s delicious; chocolate is a sweet easy on your teeth. Many hard candies can damage your teeth when you try to chew on them, and they can take longer to eat, leaving a sugary coating in your mouth. Gooey treats like gummies and taffy can stick in between your teeth and can harm your oral health. We aren’t here to tell you not to enjoy sweets; we just want you to think about your teeth when you do.

The best way to prevent cavities from forming, is to immediately brush and floss your teeth after eating sweets. 

Remember to floss those fangs after enjoying your sweet treats.

 Tips for a Low Waste

With Halloween over, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Each year, we like to advise people to be more mindful when buying and cooking for their holiday meal. Here are a few of our favorite tips for a more sustainable Thanksgiving. 


 - Try buying locally sourced foods

If you can, buy bulk veggies that aren't sold in plastic packaging

- Use real silverware, glass cups, ceramic plates and platters and cloth napkins

- Ask family members to bring reusable leftover containers and avoid one time use Ziploc bags

- If you decorate with real pumpkins and gourds, use them to cook with later

-Remember, Dental Lace is your best friend for cleaning your family’s teeth after dinner


Early Holiday Shopping?

Need a quick and easy gift for the holidays, but not quite sure what to get? Try a Dental Lace digital gift card. Just choose the amount you would like to give as a gift ($25, $50, or $100), and either include the email address of the person you’re sending the gift to when you check out, or you can print it out for them afterwards.


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