January News and a New Year!

January News and a New Year!

A New Year


2018 to 2019

     What an amazing year 2018 was!  We have taken in all the wonderful things that the year had to offer us. We are so exctied to start up 2019!

2018 Highlights
We sold 150k refillable containers, each Dental Lace sold replaces 7 plastic containers. 

In other words we eliminated over a million plastic dental floss containers.

Dental Lace, Inc. was selected to be an American Small Business Champion.
Dental Lace, Inc. competed for 100k on Green Light Maine
We expanded to a new location and hired more employees.

Our goals for 2019
We will continue our mission to eliminate plastic dental floss.

We will work toward becoming a Zero Waste Company.
We will donate a portion of our profits to the Friends of Casco Bay.

[Friends of Casco Bay’s mission is to improve and protect the environmental health of Casco Bay through baykeeping, science and community engagement.] 
We are grateful for our employees, volunteers and customers who make it all possible. You mean so much to us.


 Together we are making a positive change in the world.

Look for us in Down East Magazine

Get yourself a copy of DownEast magazine. Dental Lace is mentioned in the Encore Entrepreneur section. 


Study Found Popular Dental Floss can be Harmful

A recent peer-reviewed study found that using dental floss that contains PFAS could cause health problems. PFAS, could cause cancer, ulcerative colitis in adults and thyroid disease in children, among other health problems.

Dental Lace does not contain any harmful PFAS. We coat our floss with vegan candelilla wax and spearment essenial oil. No harm to our bodies or the Earth. 



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