Less Trash Challenge 2022

Less Trash Challenge 2022

Less Trash Challenge

While our main goal is to eliminate waste left behind by plastic oral care products, we here at Dental Lace strive to reduce the rest of our household trash as well.

Acording to Juliana McDonald's blog " How Much Waste Do We Really Produce?" the average person produces about 4.5 pounds of trash per day. Most of which is made up of recyclable items. We must all do what we can to reduce what we throw away. That's why I am undertaking the Less Trash Challenge.

The Less Trash Challenge 

Over the course of the year, my husband and I plan to produce no more waste than what will fit into this 30 gallon trash can. Each week, I will do a trash audit to look at how much we threw away, and how we can improve our wasteful habits. For example, we recently added plastic bags from carrots, chicken stock boxes and a plastic produce bag from oranges to our bin. To help cut back on that waste, and keep my trash levels low,  I will start small by purchasing loose carrots instead of the plastic packed bundles, using my cloth produce bags instead of the ones offered at the grocery store, and by making my own soup stocks instead of buying premade. 

We are so lucky to live in a state where recycling is very easy. Here in Maine we have bottle redemption, recycling of 1-7 plastics, a ban on styrofoam takeout containers, as well as a ban on plastic bags. We also have wonderful compost programs such as Garbage to Garden curbside composting if you do not have the ability to have a backyard compost bin. 

Follow our social media accounts to see how we do on the less trash challenge. 



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