Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes New Year's resolutions.
Here is our list to help you stay on track for a zero waste new year:

  • Make sure to switch to eco-friendly products like, toothbrushes, toothpaste and of course dental floss! 
  • Read a zero waste or plastic free book, our favorite is 101 Ways to go Zero Waste by Kathryn Kellogg, check it out on our website 
  • Support a zero waste organization: our favorites are 5 Gyres or Upstream Watch 
  • Choose one thing to switch to an eco friendly version: using a water bottle, cloth napkins, hanging your laundry to dry, ect. 

Here are some great ideas from the Center for Eco Technology. 

10 Easy Green New Year's Resolutions

Tare Market also has a great list.

Zero Waste New Year's Resolutions 

Join us in setting zero waste resolutions and goals this year.


Friends of Casco Bay 

Dental Lace Inc will be donating $500 to Friends of Casco Bay from our sales in December.  Thank you for purchasing our Casco Bay Blue Containers.  

Friends of Casco Bay's mission is to improve and protect the environmental health of Casco Bay. They work through Science, Advocacy, and Community Engagement.

Friends of Casco Bay 

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