New Dental Lace Floss

June 28, 2017

New Dental Lace Floss

Sorry for being out of touch for so long.  I've been busy making Dental Lace a better product.

Dental Lace has switched to vegan Candelilla wax from the Candelilla Shrub.  The wax comes from its leaves.  

This switch plus changes in the packaging has made DL a 99% Zero Waste dental product. The container is still reusable.  The floss is biodegradable. The boxes are recyclable and the bags are compostable.  

Right now DL floss is "cooking" in a Maine State Composting Facility in Gorham, Maine.  In 4 weeks, Mark King, Maine State Director of Sustainability, will assess the floss' composting capability.  If Dental Lace floss passes the test, I'll be able to inform customers that they can put their floss in their compost bins.  I haven't been this anxious over a test since graduate school!  

Sales are great.  Folks are very happy to see that there is finally a sustainable dental floss product on the market.  It appears, I wasn't the only one concerned about all the plastic.

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