November News: Gratitude and Bundle Sale

November News: Gratitude and Bundle Sale

Thank You!
A note to express my sincere gratitude to you.

Your support of our small business means so much to me and my team at Dental Lace Inc. It’s because of you, we have become an award winning global oral care company. That makes us sound huge, doesn’t it? Rest assure, we are still hardworking Mainers creating the best zero waste oral care products on the market.

2020 has been a crazy and a struggle, but you remained a loyal customer and for that I’m forever grateful. Despite the pandemic, Dental Lace was able to continue providing essential items to our community of customers, by keeping our doors open and keeping our staff i.e. family employed. Thank you!

From one small business, I ask that you support Small Business Saturday on November 28th . Your support truly makes a difference in the lives of small business owners and their employees.
Bundle Sale! 
Cyber sale! Purchase any of our bundles 10% percent off. This includes; zero waste refillable silk floss bundle (4 month supply), zero waste refillable silk floss bundle 4 container pack, zero waste  refillable silk floss and bamboo toothbrush, Dental Lace plant based vegan floss bundle. The sale ends 11-30-20 at midnight. 

use code ECO10
Happy Holidays!
We're thankful and giving!  

For every Casco Bay blue container sold in the month of December we'll donate $1 to Friends of Casco Bay.  Last year we donated $1000. Help us donate by purchasing our zero-waste Dental Lace in the Casco Bay Blue style. 

Friends of Casco Bay has worked tirelessly since 1989 to improve and protect Casco bay by monitoring the health of the bay 365 days a year. "Friends" engages local volunteers in cleanups, bay reporting, and educational outreach. Dental Lace is proud to support this organization and the volunteers who do the work.
Happy Thanksgiving

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