April News 2020

April News 2020

Our goal at Dental Lace is to eliminate harmful plastic dental floss. Here at Dental Lace Earth Day is every day but the calendar day is a chance to celebrate and educate. Being mindful about plastic waste and a mindful consumer can start on Earth Day and last a lifetime. 
We celebrated on our social media with a giveaway. Each entry provided their best Earth Day tips, we loved seeing everyone's entries, the winner was William Labes.

"I save deodorant containers and put my homemade laundry stain remover bars in them. I refill my dental lace jars, I use my old bamboo toothbrushes as paint brushes for the kids and to clean hard to get spots around the house. I save my glass jars to use as food savers. I really try to use everything more than once and then recycle it. We don't throw away any food waste. It goes to the chickens or into my compost bin. Then I put the compost in my small garden and plant pots where I grow fruit."
~William Labes

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Happy Earth Month! 


Covid-19 Update 

As a dental floss company we have always followed strict FDA guidelines and we will continue to do so. We will continue to wash our hands, wear surgical masks and gloves, and keep our assembly area sterilized with disinfectant. We aren’t allowing outside visitors to our operations facility. We will continue to wipe down all inventory shipping boxes with disinfectant before they enter our warehouse. We are placing new inventory shipments in 14-day quarantine before assembling the units. All this is to keep our staff and customers safe and healthy.


We are thinking of all of the brick and mortar stores who sell Dental Lace. Stores such as GoGo refill have been providing curbside pick up for their customers. Laura has continued to keep customers stocked up on zero waste toilet paper, soap, stasher bags and of course Dental Lace. We are commending her commitment to providing zero waste options during these trying times. 



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