August: "Corn" season is floss season

August: "Corn" season is floss season

Corn Season
Floss Season
It is officially "corn" season here in Maine. Whenever we visit our local farmers market around this time of year, I always pick up a few ears of fresh sweet corn to go along with our supper. I really love it! Unfortunately, corn is one of those foods that constantly gets stuck in my teeth! Thankfully, Dental Lace is the perfect tool to remove those pesky kernels. If you plan on eating foods that easily get crammed in between your teeth, make sure to keep your Dental Lace close by. Our favorite container design for August is Casco Bay Blue!
Why should you choose
Dental Lace
over conventional floss?

Dental Lace guarantees safe and clean materials and ingredients. Conventional floss can be made of and coated with harmful toxic ingredients. Here are some examples of common materials and ingredients that you should avoid. 

PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances): Dental floss can be coated with substances from a chemical family called PFAS or Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances. PFAS are commonly used to make everyday household items such as stain resistant, nonstick and/or water resistant coatings. PFAS are used to make dental floss glide smoothly between teeth. PFASs do not easily break down in the environment or in the body.

Dental Lace is coated with vegan candelilla wax. 

Plastic: A lot of dental floss on the market are made from plastic – including both virgin, and recycled plastic. Plastic can contain toxic chemicals that can impact our health. While there are many chemicals of concern in plastic, two of the primary concerns include phthalates and bisphenols (like BPA). Phthalates and bisphenols are linked to endocrine disruption. Plastic doesn’t break down, it just breaks into smaller pieces contributing to pollution of our waterways, oceans and marine life. 

Dental Lace is made of silk. It is sustainable, and will break down in a home compost. 

Flavor: The minty flavor of your average dental floss can come from many substances, including undisclosed and unknown ingredients. These can include chemicals like carriers, solvents and preservatives. Flavor formulations can sometimes go undisclosed, simply listed as “flavor” on packaging. Without full disclosure on the label, it’s impossible for a consumer to know what ingredients might be within the formulation.

Dental Lace is flavored with organic peppermint essential oil. 

Source: Made Safe 

Article Mentions

We were mentioned in healthline's "The Best Sustainable Oral Care Products". Our favorite quote from the article;
"If anyone deserves credit for kick-starting the sustainable oral care movement, it’s Jodi Breau, the co-founder of Dental Lace." 


We are in the latest Downiest Magazine Best of Maine edition. If you happen to pick it up, you can find us on page 52 in the Bath Maine section.




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