Plastic Free July: July Newsletter

Plastic Free July: July Newsletter

Plastic Free July: July News

     Happy plastic free July! Although we strive to be mindful of our plastic waste and usage year round, plastic free July is a fun way to challenge ourselves and inspire others. It is amazing how far we have come in a year!
      We are a small family run business, but we are so proud to distribute to 40 countries! Sometimes we cannot believe Dental Lace is sold worldwide.
      Help us out! Please find us on social media, post a photo and tell us your location. Tag us and we may repost your picture!

Head on over to our website to get a great deal on these wonderful books! No code needed. 

     We are working hard to keep our vegan floss options stocked! Hopefully by the middle of August we can have all options (including our plastic free compostable vegan floss) available. All refills are available to purchase on our website.

     We are so excited for the opening of a new REfill shop in South Portland Maine! This little shop is a big deal here in Maine! We are happy to distribute Dental Lace to the store. If you are local go check it out!

Where is our Mystery Man? We want to find him!

     Has anyone wondered where we got the name Dental Lace? It describes our product perfectly. I will let you in on a secret we didn't come up with a name, a businessman suggested the name and we used it.
Here is the story. 
     My husband Jim and I were flying home from San Diego on a red eye flight. For some reason I was seated between two businessmen.
We started chatting about our jobs etc. When I was asked what do you do, I didn't tell them I was a school librarian. I lied and said I'm creating a better dental floss and I'm going to be on Oprah!
     Later in the flight I was sleeping when suddenly I felt a hand on my arm, I wake up expecting Jim but it was one of the strangers. He says to me, Dental Lace. I said what? Dental Lace he repeats. I said wow I'm stealing that. He says you should it's a good name.
So I did.
     We need your help, I want to contact the mystery man and thank him for the suggestion of our name. If you know who the mystery man is please send us and email, private message, or direct message! We will be sharing this information on our social media sites as well, please help spread the word.

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