Happy Earth Day Month! April News 2021

Happy Earth Day Month! April News 2021

Happy Earth Day Month!
During this time each year we evaluate what in our life is not environmentally friendly. We not only provide an eco-friendly product, but are mindful about how our lifestyle impacts the earth. We also support organizations that help clean and protect our environment. One of our favorite aspects of Earth Day is educating others about how our personal efforts can make big changes in our environment. 

Earth Day Giveaway!
How do you enter? Make sure to follow us on Social media (facebook and instagram) to find out how to enter.
When will the giveaway take place? April 19th-22nd
What will be given away?

-Dental Lace floss container

-Truthbrush toothbrush 

-Dental Lace toothpaste tabs

-Book: Plastic Free by Beth Terry 

Creating planet friendly smiles. 

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